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Kids Yoga Classes

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View Map Day: Monday afternoons
Time: 3.45pm-4.35pm
Age: Age 6+
Venue: Yoga Darsana, Old Driving Range, Salthill, Galway.  H91 E9C3
Cost: €12 for drop in (reduced rate when signed up for a course)
Parking: FREE Parking Available
Please bring: A blanket and a mat

How to sign up to a course: contact Sara directly for dates of next course/check facebook sarafalveyyoga.

Kids Yoga Classes


Kids Yoga with Sara Falvey Yoga introduces children to yoga in a non-competitive and fun way. Children are led through creative stories and co-operative games that stimulate their imagination while also helping to maintain their natural flexibility.

Kids Yoga classes involve a combination of poses/stretches (including back arches, forward bends, twists and balances).  There are also co-operative games, affirmations, partner yoga, breathing exercises and meditations.  These combine to support and strengthen children not only physically but also mentally by building confidence in themselves, improving concentration, helping them to sleep better and reducing anxiety.

Children learn mindful breathing techniques that help to reduce the release of the stress hormone, cortisone.  Balancing poses help with concentration while partner yoga is a fun way to practise team-work. At the end of every class there is a full body relaxation to help children fully unwind with beautiful visualisations and meditations.  Positive affirmations and healthy life choices are also included.

A child doesn’t require yoga skills to start off - they just have to start and yoga becomes a way of their life. It keeps children active, balances their body, mind and soul, helps them focus on their life and reach their full potential.

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Kids Yoga Classes

Parent’s Comments:

Amazing class my daughter looks forward to attending each week.


My girls can’t wait to get to Sara’s yoga class each week - they always come home happy and relaxed. My daughter practices the meditations she has learned during class when she can’t fall sleep at night and they always do the trick!



Children’s comments:

I love the kid’s yoga classes & look forward to them every week. I like the mixture of games, storytelling, yoga and the nice relaxing meditation at the end of class. The partner yoga is really good fun! Sara is very caring and always makes me feel happy.


My favourite part of yoga class is the meditation – it’s super relaxing.