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You are special. Regardless of your abilities, appearance, culture, gender, race or the assumptions society has placed on you.

Special Yoga is centred on this belief.

Iyengar Inspired Adult Yoga Classes

After witnessing the many benefits of yoga for children in mainstream, Sara went on to explore how yoga has a place in special needs education. She trained with Special Yoga in the UK in 2017, and is now a Special Yoga practitioner. Sara uses specific methodology to encourage children of all abilities to connect with their own true nature and find peace within.

Special Yoga classes with Sara are well-rounded with some chanting, postures, relaxation, massage, breathing and meditation. She works intuitively to the specific needs of individuals or groups, with a pure intention to help the child/children to reach their full potential. Special Yoga methodology takes the child out of stress and into a relaxed state to create the optimum condition and possibility for positive change.

A school in Norfolk, UK get onto the news as evidence to show that Yoga in Schools has a profound impact on behaviour.

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